Past Events



The renowned organization marked a significant milestone as it celebrated its 5th successful event on the 14th and 15th of February, 2019. The event, which drew in a diverse range of guests, was a testament to Its dedication to fostering community engagement and intellectual growth. Among the highlights of the event was a National-level seminar, where experts and thought leaders gathered to discuss pressing issues and share valuable insights. Additionally, the event featured an Alumni meet, providing a platform for former members to reconnect about their experiences with “THE ENERGIEA”.


THE ENERGIEA” hosted its 4th successful event, “ARUNIKA – 2K18,” on April 12th, 2018. The event featured esteemed guests such as Padma Shree Ashok Bhagat, along with Mr. Arvind Prasad (Chairman – JREDA) and Mr. Arvind Kumar (Project Director – JREDA). Attendees participated in a variety of activities including conferences, invited talks, workshops, a green quiz, poster making, & a “Best Out of Waste” competition. The event aimed to promote environmental awareness and sustainability through engaging & educational initiatives.


The highly anticipated event “AKSHARAA – 2K16” took place from November 17th to 19th, 2016, marking its 3rd successful edition. The event was graced by esteemed guests, with Shri. Atul Bhatt, Chairman cum Director – MECON and Shri. A. K. Paul from the Development division of SAIL. This event includes a series of engaging activities on including a Paper Presentation, Model exhibition, Stop Look Think Poster-making competition & Best out of Waste contest. Additionally, a flash mob was organized outside Big Bazaar Ranchi to raise awareness about environmental conservation,


THE ENERGIEA” successfully organized its second event, the Green Energy Congression – 2K16, on February 18th and 19th, 2016. The congress featured esteemed social worker Shri Simon Oraon, who was later honored with the Padma Shri award, as a distinguished guest. The event aimed to promote green energy through various activities including poster making, quizzes, debates, and cultural programs. Participants and attendees engaged in discussions and activities focused on advocating for renewable energy solutions.


On August 20th, 2014, “THE ENERGIEA,” a newly established organization, marked its debut by hosting its first event, AKSHAY URJA DIWAS – 2K14. Founded on February 13th, 2014, the organization aimed to promote awareness about renewable energy sources. The inaugural ceremony was graced by esteemed personalities including Prof. Arvind Kumar, Head – Dept. Mechanical Engg. at BIT Mesra, and Mr. Shashank, a prominent entrepreneur in the solar energy sector in Jharkhand state. S. K. Tiwari, (V. C., In-charge at CUJ) along with Prof. S. K. Samadarshi, (Head – DEE), were also present during the occasion.

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