THE ENERGIEA” is an energy society at the Central University of Jharkhand which was formed by the students and faculty members of the Department of Energy Engineering. It was approved on 13th February 2014 by the founding Vice-Chancellor of CUJ, Prof. D. T. Khating as a student society of the University. It aims to serve the purpose of promoting Renewable and Green Energy by creating awareness of the same and providing a platform for students to plan and execute projects on Renewable & Green Energy at a national scale. As it is said, charity begins from home, and with its obligation to serve society, The ‘Central University of Jharkhand’ is feeling proud to introduce “THE ENERGIEA”.



THE ENERGIEA” has an interesting saga even before its advent. Before the name and society “THE ENEGRIEA” formalized for leading the transformative works. A team of students, professors, and passionate individuals started a public awareness on renewable energy through ‘AKSHAY URJA DIWAS‘, celebrated on 20th August 2014 which for the first time in the university created a buzz around cleaner energy, particularly solar, and its decentralized models to promote energy access and undo the climate change.

During these days, it was also observed that there was a lack of consistent effort on sustainable environment and cleaner energy models to drive changes, and there was no such dedicated energy society in any Central Universities across India to bring these ideas on the ground and forge narratives and consensus among new generations. Therefore, after careful consideration, it was agreed and decided to start an energy society to take these initiatives forward in a solution-driven and collective approach, and this is how “THE ENERGIEA” was born!

THE ENERGIEA“, since its formation, has been dedicated to the cause of spreading the message of clean, green, and sustainable energy for all. The students associated with society have also worked faithfully for the effective publicity of this idea and also for the proper interactions of academia with the industry, resulting in mutual benefits.

The society started its journey with ‘AKSHAY URJA DIWAS – 2K14‘, celebrated on 20th August 2014, followed by ‘GREEN ENERGY CONGREGATION – 2K16, AKSHARAA – 2K16, ARUNIKA – 2K18 & AUJASYA 2K19‘. The programs consisted of a series of events spanning the day, including Seminars, Keynote Speech, Alumni Talk, Startup Pitching, Panel Discussions, Lectures, Quizzes, Debates, Paper Presentation, B-plans, Poster,and Photography for promoting renewable energy use in India.

THE ENERGIEA” as a society with visionary goals and missionary zeal formally took shape in 2014 and it started functioning initially from Central University of Jharkhand and spread its wings to local areas in the last 10 years.



To facilitate and spread the message of Clean, Green and Sustainable Energy for all.



To bring forth and provide a solution-driven approach in climate and energy-related fields, “THE ENERGIEA” has carved a niche in a very short period that seeks an optional and smart approach to work forward environment conservation.

Prof. D. T. Khathing

Prof. Khathing (Founding Vice-chancellor, Central University of Jharkhand) approvedTHE ENERGIEA as an energy society in Central University of Jharkhand.

Dr.. Khathing is retired as a Professor of Physics at the North-Eastern Hill University. He is a nuclear scientist by training and his research had earlier been carried out at the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Trombay. His research group has been using the different nuclear facilities at Kolkata, Delhi, Trombay and Germany. He has authored over 70 research articles in refereed international journals of repute. He has successfully completed over twenty major research projects as the Principal Investigator.

Prof. S. K. Samdarshi

Director, Centre for Excellence in Green Energy & Efficient Technology, former Dean, School of Engineering & Technology (Feb. 2014-20) and HoD, Department of Energy  Engineering, Central University of Jharkhand, Ranchi – 835222.

Prof. Samdarshi brings three decades of academic experience  in the field of energy education. He has several research national/international publications and patents related to clean energy, hydrogen energy, solar solutions. A well-known scholar of renewable  energy ecosystem, power sector reforms and tariff policy, he has domain expertise in developing solar  thermal  systems and photovoltaic power  plant design and installation for diverse geographies.

Dr. Basudev Pradhan

Assistant Professor, Department of Energy Engineering, Central University of Jharkhand, Ranchi – 835222.

Dr. Pradhan brings more than a decade of research and academic experience in the field of Energy education. His areas of specialization in Solar Cells, Organic Electronics, Nanoscale Electronic Devices, 2D Materials Research, and many more. His group’s research on all-perovskite tandem solar cells with 32.3% efficiency was highlighted in the prestigious PV magazine Global. He has also several research national/international publications.

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